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Enhanced Customer Experiences with Pega

Modernising Customer Services in ISA Journeys



Reduction in manual tasks

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Reduction in outsourced CSRs

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of tasks performed in Pega


Due to the release of a new savings product, Shawbrook recognised the importance of creating an exceptional customer experience. Their primary objective was to create a Savings product that delivers such delight and ease that customers no longer felt the need to chase the latest rate. This encompassed streamlining the onboarding process, facilitating seamless fund transfers between accounts, and establishing self-service alternatives that empowered clients to independently manage their finances, while still having the backing of Shawbrook whenever assistance was required.


Shawbrook Bank was struggling with a highly complex combination of vendor-provided, Shawbrook-developed, and external technologies, all scattered across a fragmented infrastructure. The legacy architecture operates as monolithic entities, customized for Shawbrook over time, resulting in challenges when trying to implement customer journey changes, which often proves to be both difficult and costly.

To maintain operations, the architecture relies on 41 web and application servers, capable of supporting only 1800 concurrent users. This limitation poses testing and release difficulties and raises concerns about future scalability. Furthermore, the bespoke 'Workflow' service, designed to bridge these systems, falls short in process automation and stability, severely affecting the colleague experience.

Integration patterns are disorganized and scattered throughout the architecture, compounding testing, operations, and development challenges. Due to workflow dependencies, Shawbrook is unable to fully leverage all the core functionality of their core banking platform, resulting in missed opportunities for enhanced performance.

These multifaceted challenges call for a comprehensive and strategic overhaul of the bank's technological landscape to ensure seamless operations, scalability, and a truly remarkable colleague and customer experience.



In close collaboration with the Shawbrook team, labb's focus was to enhance the customer experience by developing an agent desktop for customer service representatives (CSRs). Notably, 80% of all tasks executed by the CSRs have now been seamlessly integrated into Pega, marking a significant milestone in creating a unified customer account view that consolidates data from various sources. This innovative approach provides a comprehensive overview of the clients and their interactions with the bank, enabling a more personalized and efficient service.

From one system, a CSRs can now modify customer information, facilitate fund transfers, handle ISAs upon maturity, promptly address customer messages and review pending account tasks. Such empowered interactions ensure efficient and comprehensive assistance, while data-driven insights prompt specific interactions at different points in the client lifecycle. Through automation, we reduced the number of manual tasks performed by customer service representatives by up to 30%. 

Additionally, we developed an automated secure message response system. By optimizing internal escalation, refining query categorization, and deploying pre-defined responses for standard questions, we minimised the need for customers to contact a CSR and streamlined operations. This automation guarantees an efficient and secure messaging experience for customers, freeing up valuable resources to focus on delivering personalized and exceptional service. Shawbrook's customer-centric approach sets new standards in support and elevates overall efficiency to unprecedented levels.

The implementation of the system has increased the conversion of clients from application through to completion to 90%, up from 60%. By simplifying and streamlining processes, we have reduced the workload to be performed, representing a 25% reduction in requirement for outsourced CSRs. 


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