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Improving HR processes with Pega

A case study on the automation & innovation of HR processes 

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The Challenge

Many businesses especially multinational corporations have a highly manual and paper-based onboarding and HR process, resulting in significant delays, errors, and inefficiencies. The processes involve multiple departments, such as HR, IT, legal, and finance, which lead to fragmented communication and siloed data. Companies face increasing pressure to improve their onboarding and HR processes to attract and retain top talent, comply with regulations, and meet business objectives.

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Pre-Onboarding Interview - 

Compensation - Approval


Paper based compensation, high risk of error, manual approval of salary & offer letters, incomplete work, all contribute to holding up the onboarding process.
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Adhering to and knowing all applicable labour laws requires a lot of manual attention. The larger your organization and the more geographic regions you operate in, the more regulations you must comply with.


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At the end of an employment contract, outstanding holiday and financial calculations must be made and collated to send to a ‘leaver’ this often involves several processes and people being involved. Access to sensitive company information must be revoked as well as any hardware collected.



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Hiring managers need to collect information about new employees (bank, tax, personal details), as well as contact and health-related information. They must also collect referencing from previous employers. This can be a largely manual process allowing for human error to take part in the process.

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Progress Tracking

Once an employee has been onboarded it can be time consuming to track disciplinary issues and employee progress (bonus pay outs etc.) usually involving data stored in different places and then manually collated. Late bonus payments or missed bonus payments can dent employee morale. Equally if disciplinary records are not kept up-to date, an accurate view of employee performance over time may become difficult to maintain.

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Process Standardisation

A rushed, unstructured onboarding process can result in vital steps being skipped, leading to operational knowledge gaps and uncertainty. The effect of an unstructured onboarding process directly links to retention of employees.

Our solution


Labb developed an orchestration layer to wrap around our clients existing ticketing and ERP systems such as: ServiceNow and SAP. By doing this we automated and streamlined the onboarding, off-boarding and all other HR processes. This created a unified and consistent experience for new hires, HR, and managerial and operational departments involved in the process. By using Pega’s native reporting tools, we provided real-time visibility into the onboarding process, enabling stakeholders to identify and resolve bottlenecks, exceptions, and compliance issues.

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Standardised onboarding process

We created a standardised onboarding process that was consistent across all geographies, departments, and roles. The process included digital forms, checklists, and workflows that guided new hires and stakeholders through each step of the onboarding process.

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Personalised experience

Using pega we provided a personalized onboarding experience to new hires based on their role, location, and preferences. This personalization increased engagement, satisfaction, and retention of new hires.

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Automated workflows

Our solution enabled the company to automate many of the manual and repetitive tasks associated with onboarding and HR, such as data entry, document generation, and approval workflows. This automation reduced the risk of errors, increased speed, and allowed HR teams to focus on higher-value tasks.

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Real time analytics and reporting

Pega's platform provided real-time analytics and reporting on the onboarding process, enabling stakeholders to identify and address bottlenecks, exceptions, and compliance issues in real-time. This visibility enabled the company to optimize its onboarding process continuously and improve its overall HR strategy


Using Pega’s platform we revolutionized the onboarding and
HR process for a large multinational corporation, resulting in significant improvements in efficiency, compliance, employee engagement, and cost savings. Our solution enabled the company to create a standardized and personalized onboarding experience, automate workflows, and provide real-time visibility into the onboarding process. The company’s success with Pega demonstrates the value of digital process automation and the role it can play in transforming HR and onboarding processes.

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